Bonn Climate Talks end empty-handed

10. September 2015 HW

The latest climate talks in Bonn failed to deliver a common  basis for negotiation for the next UN Climate Summit in Paris end of this year. The talks among all UN member states were meant to deliver a paper that could lead to a new  world climate treaty to replace the expired Kyoto Protocol. Now experts fear that there will not be enough time left to see a major breakthrough in Paris.

The energy revolution is in reverse

19. April 2015 HW

The UN climate panel’s prescription for tackling climate change is admirably clear. The problem is that the world is heading in precisely the opposite direction.

Coal casts a cloud over Germany’s energy revolution

21. Januar 2015 HW

Germany cut emissions and boosted renewables last year, but critics say CO2 reduction targets can’t be met unless it closes coal-burning power stations.