Finance remains crunch issue

4. Dezember 2015 HW

Climate finance is still a major sticking point in the COP21 negotiations. At stake is the $100 billion dollars of annual climate change aid promised to developing countries by 2020. At present, between $5 and 8 billion dollars are in the pot. Now countries such as India demand far more than $100 billion dollars for post 2020.


Will Paris fall over correct wording?

3. Dezember 2015 HW

With Heads of State having left Paris, negotiators are buckling down to the final stage of their work on the text of the Paris agreement. Progress is mixed, and it’s clear that several key issues will be left to ministers to resolve next week. Finance issues continue to be the most difficult, with little movement forward as negotiators continue to hold their chips close to their chest.

Climate change increases tensions in Horn of Africa

5. November 2015 HW

Evidence stretching back 40,000 years shows that global warming will increase drying in a region of East Africa where drought already causes humanitarian crises.